Hello Early Childhood Families, 

Welcome to our school and early childhood programming in Faribault. While McKinley houses many of our teachers and programs, our teams spread throughout the community to meet the needs in our city. Our wonderful ECFE team offers a variety of classes seasonally at the Faribault Education Center. Our preschool team is housed in McKinley and expands into Roosevelt and Jefferson Elementary to reduce transitions and build relationships in your child's home elementary school. Our special education teachers are in our classes and homes, supporting early intervention to help every child succeed. Our early childhood screeners are ready to meet your preschooler at McKinley, check out our website to schedule a screening today! 

This school year, our preschool team is excited to embark on new adventures with Scholastic's new enriching curriculum of Pre-K On My Way. We are embracing family engagement at the core of our work with children, knowing we are stronger together. We want what is best for you and your child and believe that through partnerships between teachers and families we can help your child reach their highest potential. Our ECFE teachers have created a special place for learning together at the Faribault Education Center. Caregivers of young children are invited to learn alongside one another through purposeful play and guidance from friendly staff. Learning starts with you, and our experts across all departments are eager to meet and support you in your child's first years. 

Welcome to our Faribault family. 

- Olivia Sage