Falcon's Nest Preschool implements a curriculum in which we align with the Minnesota Early Childhood Indicators of Progress to prepare students for success in kindergarten and beyond. Opening The World of Learning (OWL) is a full developmental curriculum which enables our teachers to meet state standards in math, literacy and language, social studies and science. 

Second Step is our social-emotional curriculum designed to aid in the development of social skills and teach students about self and emotional awareness. To track progress in the developmental domains, Falcon's Nest Preschool uses Teaching Strategies Gold. Teachers are trained in using the assessment tool to best capture where each child is at socially/emotionally, physically, and cognitively. Teaching Strategies is an authentic observation-based assessment system for children which blends ongoing observational assessment for all areas of development and learning with performance tasks for selected predictors of school success. 

Our teachers and staff truly values partnership with families and building a positive community and culture within our care. To maintain communication with families, preschool classrooms interact with parents and caregivers through SeeSaw, a platform to message with teachers and share student work and pictures. Teachers also are trained in the Pyramid Model, a guide to positively affect behaviors and relationships within our classrooms.