Early Childhood Screening

Did you know?

1. Early Child Screening is a check up on how your child is growing and developing.
2. All children in Minnesota must be screened before they start kindergarten.
3. Screening helps connect your family and child to community resources.

When your child is 3 years old:

Call McKinley Early Childhood Center to set-up your free screening appointment at 507-333-6460.
*  Appointments typically run about an hour, and both the child and parent need to be present.  
*  Screening results are based on your child's chronological age.  There is no pass or fail!

We are here to help!  We want to partner with you and make this milestone smooth and simple.  If you have questions, concerns, or want more information on screening please contact us or stop by our early childhood center.

It is best to screen when a child turns three, but screening can also be done at age four or five. 

It is best if your child is screened when they are 3 years old, or at least a year prior to kindergarten. 
Earlier screening is better!